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The Pike County Conservation District has several publications available to help maintain a healthy home and environment.

Before you Grade, Build, or Excavate Guide

Plan to Protect Pike County's Soil and Water Resources

Are you planning a building project? This guide can help you understand how to control erosion on your project and prevent sediment pollution.

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Do I Need a Permit?

Homeowner's Guide to the Most Common Waterways and Wetlands General Permits

Hard copies of this publication are available at the Conservation District office.

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Wonderful Wetlands

Everyone can take simple actions to help keep our wetlands healthy.

Learn what makes a wetland, how to identify one, the benefits that they provide to our community, and how you can help conserve these important ecosystems.

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How to Make Grass Grow

When performing earth disturbance activities, establishing vegetation helps prevent erosion at the source. Pike County has a unique landscape that often includes very acidic and rocky soils.

Follow these steps to ensure grass grows on your property.

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Where Does Your Water Come From?

From Source to Sink...

Learn about source water in Pike County and find some tips on how you can help protect your drinking water sources at home.

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Citizen’s Guide to Clean Water

Clean Water, Safe Homes, A Healthy Environment

Hard copies of this publication are available at the Conservation District office and Pike County Municipal offices.

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Stormwater Best Management Practices Field Tour Guide

Proactive Project Planning

Properly managing stormwater can help to prevent water pollution, flooding and erosion.

This can be accomplished by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), which are actions, structures and techniques that minimize the adverse effects of increased runoff.

A variety of Best Management Practices exist to help control the rate of water flow, the quantity that is absorbed into the soil, and the resulting water quality.

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The Pike County Conservation District produced this guide to BMPs with support from a PA DEP Environmental Education Grant.

EveryDrop Counts

Use a Rain Barrel

This simple guide provides water conservation tips and how by conserving water YOU contribute to the communities’ natural resources! Every Drop Counts!

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Use a Rain Barrel brochure is a result of a 2014 Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership DEP Environmental Education Grant. The project received a 2014 Northeast Pennsylvania Environmental Partnership Award for their work in environmental protection!

Do You Know Your Watershed Address?

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PCCD has created a brochure so you can easily identify your watershed along with some interesting facts about the water resources in that watershed.

A watershed is an area of land across which water, and the sediment and dissolved materials it contains, flow on their way to a single common outlet- like a stream, lake or river.

Where Are You?

Locate your watershed address through a series of fun puzzles on a 11″x 8.5″ Placemat.

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Managing our Lands Today — Creating our Legacy for the Future

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This brochure also provides information on financial assistance that may be available for landowners to implement some of these BMPs.

The District, in cooperation with the Pike County Office of Community Planning, NRCS, DCNR, the Agricultural Land Preservation Board, the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Board along with the Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership have developed a brochure outlining Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be utilized in Pike County.

Your Land, Your Legacy

Conservation Options for Landowners

The publication provides information in a clear, concise format that all Pike County landowners should find valuable.

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The District, in cooperation with the Delaware Highlands Conservancy and the Pike County Office of Community Planning, has developed a brochure on conservation options available to landowners in Pike County.

The brochure printing was funded with an Environmental Education mini-grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Pike County: Where People, Land, and Water Meet

Valuable information on forestland preservation, stormwater, water conservation, septic system maintenance, protecting water resources, and community involvement.

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This newspaper insert was funded through a League of Women Voters Water Resources Education Network grant. Project partners include the Delaware Highlands Conservancy and the Delaware Township Supervisors.


Poorly functioning septic systems pose health risks.


Maintain your septic system. Help protect family health and keep your financial investment secure. Practice water conservation measures to avoid overloading an absorption field, which can lead to system failure.