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Your Land. Your Legacy.

These resources provide some guidance to landowners with land parcels of 5 acres or more. Developed with a 2006 DEP EE grant, the Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership worked with local individuals actively working toward better planning and land use or are utilizing conservation options to protect their acreage.

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Your choice can protect wildlife habitat.

“I love having things the way they should be, and it makes me feel very good to know that my land is protected and the animals will have a place to live.”

Isabelle Lang (and Dexter)
Dingman Twp.

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Your choice can keep your water clean.

“It’s important to me that our water stays clean enough for swimming and fishing.”

Dave Kirk
Blooming Grove Twp.

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Your choice can shape your community.

“What keeps me going are the folks that I work with. It’s a good group of people and we’ve discovered that a little bit of leadership can make a big difference.”

Roy Borgfeld
Lehman Twp.

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Your choice can protect your family’s heritage.

“Now I know that future generations will always be able to visit our special heron swamp, and our Lenápe heritage will live on.”

Jane Quick
Lackawaxen Twp.

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Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife, filter water, and can act like a sponge to limit flooding.


Protect wetlands by not damaging the flow of water. This can mean not placing soil or fill in wetlands and not digging in them to redirect water.