A dock in a lake with fall foliage handing down on either side above it

Environmental Resources for New Homeowners

Welcome to Pike County!

Pike County is rich in natural resources and environmental beauty. New residents are drawn to this area by the incredible landscape and access to nature. As a new member of our community, you can have a direct impact on the quality of our water, air, and land.

Particularly, your new property can have a significant impact, for better or worse, on the local environment. We have created this new website as a resource to aid you in not only preserving the natural resources of our community, but help you better understand the resources in the community and how you can protect your investment in your property. 



Below you will find information on local environmental topics, and the organizations based in NEPA that can assist you in these areas. The District website has numerous articles and resources on the resources in Pike County. The information below will get you started.

If you use any part of this guide, please take a moment to fill out our webpage survey. This helps us obtain grant funding for projects like this in the future. Thank you!

Canoes and paddle boats on the shore of a lake with fall foliage in the background


Financial and other support for this project is provided by the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 


Just three trees, properly placed around a house, can save up to 30% of energy use.


Plant and maintain existing trees on your property whenever possible. Trees protect your home from wind, reduce heating and cooling costs and enhance your property’s value.