A dirt road with straw and gravel along the sides for erosion control


Sediment is the #1 Pollutant to Waters of the Commonwealth

Erosion control — Managing sediment and preventing it from entering our waterways is essential to reducing sediment pollution. Earth disturbance activities are regulated under Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) Erosion and Sediment Control Program (Chapter 102). Chapter 102 requires land developments or persons proposing or conducting earth disturbance activities to develop, implement and maintain Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to minimize the potential for sediment runoff and to manage post construction stormwater to protect water quality.

Erosion Control

PA DEP Waterways Management (Chapter 105) program provides oversight of work in and around streams, wetlands, and other bodies of water that has a potential to impact water quality, increase flooding or degrade riparian (streamside) habitat. The District administers the Chapter 102 and Chapter 105 programs in Pike County.

Staff Provide…

  • Education and outreach on sediment pollution prevention and wetlands identification
  • Permit application and plan submission reviews
  • Site inspections for potential pollution events
  • Site inspections and technical assistance for projects under construction
  • Information and technical assistance to landowners on regulatory and permitting concerns

There are 4,700 miles of streams and 74 square miles of lakes and ponds in Pike County. Most of these waterways are exceptionally clean and support healthy ecosystems.


Follow all fishing laws, and don’t pollute these clean streams. Volunteer to help restore and protect these waterways.

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