A river with fall foliage and a bridge in the background

Strategic Plan 2020

Mission Statement

Pike County Conservation District is committed to the long-term protection and sustainable use of Pike County’s natural resources.

We accomplish this through partnership, education, technical assistance, planning, enforcement, and leadership.

In 2019, the Pike County Conservation District surveyed our community asking what natural resource concerns they have and how the District can help address those concerns. The strategic plan identifies priorities, goals, and objectives to address those many concerns. This fluid plan is reviewed on a regular basis by the District Board and staff to provide direction for accomplishing our mission.

group photo
The 2020 strategic planning session group made up of board members, staff and Pike County Conservation partners

Top 11 Critical Natural Resources issues identified by Pike County Residents

The following are the critical resource issues that have been identified by Pike County residents in order of priority. This list doesn't include the ongoing work of the District such as Chapter 102 and Chapter 105 delegations, surface and ground water monitoring, education programs, and similar programs.

  1. Surface water quality and quantity
  2. Safe drinking water
  3. Soil health
  4. Lack of understanding of personal role in land use protection
  5. Conservation of large tract forestland
  6. Land development pressures
  7. Communications regarding natural resource issues
  8. Infrastructure improvements-roads and bridges
  9. Stormwater management
  10. Wetlands
  11. Wastewater management

2020 Strategic Plan Goals

Watershed specialist holds a dragonfly nymph up for the camera.
Watershed Specialist, Rachel Posavetz holding a microinvertebrate, monitored as an indicator of stream health.

Natural Resource Conservation

Provide advocacy for Pike County’s natural resource assets- protecting sensitive natural environments, conserving the quality and quantity of soil and groundwater resources and Pike County’s special protection surface water resources.

students outside standing at a table looking at pictures of different fish species
Students at the 2019 Pike Wayne Envirothon

Conservation Education and Community Outreach

Expand conservation education, integrating it as a component of all District conservation programs. Market the District as a recognized leader in natural resource protection in Pike County by utilizing branding techniques in the promotion of the District to all audiences.

Two men, one raising his hand and the other reading from a sheet of paper
Mike Spencer being sworn in as a Board Director by Commissioner Ron Schmalzle

Governance, Management and Financial Support

Support the District’s Mission through responsible governance, financial management, capital resource management and continued professional development of staff and board.

Group photo of commissioners and PCCD executive director
Board members Pike County Commissioner Ron Schmalzle and Kelly Stagen, Wayne County Commissioner Brian Smith, Pike County Commissioners Matt Osterberg and Steve Guccini, and Executive Director Michele Long at the annual Legislative Breakfast

Land Use Management and Conservation

Provide leadership by promoting conservation of natural resources for land use and sustainable development in accord with the integrity of our natural resource base. Promote a collaborative relationship with stakeholders involved with economic development and resource management for sustainable growth.

As indicated inside our strategic plan, there are many ways you as community member can do your part to protect the resources of Pike County. As an engaged community member you can gain a better understanding of how your actions can impact our larger community.

If you are interested in finding out more about our organization, the programs and services that we offer please contact the District staff by visiting or calling our office, visiting our website, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

The District Board and staff would also like to thank all of those who have assisted in the development of our 2020 Strategic Plan.

Thank you!


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