Who We Are

Conservation District Directors and Associate Directors are volunteers who have the responsibility for assuring conservation of the natural resources within Pike County’s boundaries.

 2020 Board of Directors

Scott Savini, Chairman
John Milliken, Vice Chairman
Ronald Schmalzle, Commissioner Member
Jay Morrow, Treasurer
Ken Coutts
Michael Spencer
Kelly Stagen

2020 Associate Directors

Carole Linkiewicz
Paul Ranello
JoAnn Rose

2020 District Staff

Michele Long, Executive Director
Chris Ingulli, Program Specialist
Ellen Enslin, CPESC, Program Manager
Marianna Quartararo, Resource Conservationist
Jeremy Oettinger, Resource Conservationist
Rachel Marques, Watershed Specialist
Devan George, Communications Coordinator/Open Records Officer


Read our Policy on Public Participation at District Meetings >>

Photo of Pike County Conservation District Board of Directors. Who we are.