A close up of the surface of a wetland with vegetation and clouds reflected

Who We Are

Conservation District Directors and Associate Directors are volunteers who have the responsibility for ensuring conservation of the natural resources within Pike County’s boundaries.

2023 Board of Directors

Scott Savini, Chairman
Kelly Stagen, Vice Chairman
Ronald Schmalzle, Commissioner Member
Jay Morrow, Treasurer
Ken Coutts
Michael Spencer
John Milliken

2023 Associate Directors

Carole Linkiewicz
Paul Ranello
JoAnn Rose

2023 District Staff

Tara Mlodzienski, District Manager
Ellen Enslin, CPESC, Program Manager
Marianna Quartararo, Resource Conservationist
Ally McGee, Resource Conservationist
Chris Meszler, PE, District Engineer
Rachel Marques, Watershed Specialist
Emily Mansfield, Communications Coordinator/Right to Know Officer
Lisa Dolci, Administrative Assistant 


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Eight board members standing in an entranceway with holiday garland around it
Board meeting in progress with one staff member presenting and others seated at a table
Board meeting outside under a large tent

Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife, filter water, and can act like a sponge to limit flooding.


Protect wetlands by not damaging the flow of water. This can mean not placing soil or fill in wetlands and not digging in them to redirect water.