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The Conservation Podcast

Pike County Conservation District has a podcast for Pike County Residents that want to learn more about our environment.

In our first few episodes, we will discuss the ways that local homes have an impact on the watershed they are in. Topics include private wells and groundwater, best management practices for stormwater, and maintaining an on-lot septic system.

Financial and other support for the Conservation Cast has been provided by the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2019 Environmental Education Grants Program. We hope you tune in to learn about the water, and the world around you right here in NEPA.

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Episode 1 – Watersheds

All land is divided into watersheds, and we all live in one, but can you name your watershed address? Knowing about watersheds will inform the rest of our episodes and is an important way to view the environment.

Listen to this episode to learn about the watersheds in Pike County from our Watershed Specialist, Rachel Posavetz.

Episode 2 – Water quality for Homeowners

Now that we have learned about watersheds, listen to this episode to learn about ways that your can improve your home and help preserve water quality. Our resource conservationist, Marianna Quartararo, teaches us about rain gardens, rain barrels, and bioswales.

Episode 3 – Get to Know the Water in Your Watershed!

In this episode, our senior Resource Conservationist, Ellen Enslin, teaches us about the types of water in our watersheds. There are many types of water bodies and wetlands here in Pike County, and Ellen gives us a tour of these types. Then we discuss how we can lessen our impact on our water resources.

Episode 4 – Properly Maintaining Your On-Lot Septic System

Brian Oram from B.F.Environmental and the Keystone Clean Water Team joins us to teach us the Do’s and Don’ts of on-lot septic systems. Proper maintenance of these systems is an important part of caring for our watershed!

Find resources referenced in this episode.

Episode 5 – Invasive Species

Join host Devan George to learn about invasive species. What are invasive species, how do they spread, and how can we help to stop the movement of these dangerous invaders.

Episode 6 – Earth Day Mini-sode

Join host Devan George for a special Earth Day Mini Episode! Learn the exciting history of this holiday, how it spread worldwide, and how you can celebrate while maintaining a safe social distance.

Episode 7 – Road Maintenance for Conservation

Chris Ingulli the head of the Pike County Conservation District’s Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Program joins host, Devan George to talk about roads! They discuss what road maintenance has to do with conservation, and how you can use road maintenance to benefit the environment.

This episode was originally released as part of the 2020 Road Maintenance workshop, a program designed to educate local road maintenance workers on conservation issues.

Episode 8 – Soil Conservation

Jeremy Oettinger, PCCD Resource Conservationist and resident soil expert sits down with our host to talk soil and the ways that you can conserve soil on your property!

A new resource from the District that will help you keep the soil in your yard healthy and thriving.


We all live downstream. Our water quality is directly affected by our upstream neighbors, and our choices will impact the water quality for our downstream neighbors.

  • Minimize impervious surfaces.
  • Do not remove trees and other plants next to streams, lakes and wetlands.
  • Plant native plants to absorb heavy rain falls.
  • Direct rain gutters onto lawn or garden.
  • Construct rain gardens and use rain barrels.