Water Quality Data

Pike County Water Quality Monitoring Program

The District’s Watershed Conservation efforts include a county-wide water quality monitoring program, watershed education, outreach and stewardship activities. The monitoring program was initiated in 1987 to assess and track surface water quality in rapidly developing Pike County. One of the first of Its kind among PA’s 66 conservation districts, the program has evolved into a watershed-based tool for focusing attention on Pike County’s High Quality and Exceptional Value waterways. Eighteen watersheds are monitored at stream baseline, non-point source and special study site locations. Since 2006, the Conservation District has added groundwater monitoring as a component of the water quality program.


Pike County Groundwater Monitoring

Photo of spring water quality data gathering in a Pike County, PA creek.

The Pike County has partnered with US Geological Survey to assess Pike County’s groundwater resources. A Comprehensive Groundwater Quality Assessment (2007) and a Groundwater Level Monitoring Network, established in 2007 and on-going, provide baseline information on County groundwater resources to support current and future water resource planning, management and protection initiatives. Additional special groundwater studies in the County have been completed in recent years to provide a more comprehensive look at water quality.

Water Wonders of Pike County Presentation

2021 Pike County Streams Report

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USGS Pike Well Sampling

Pike County Groundwater Resources

Final Report – Ground Water Level Network – Pike County, Pennsylvania
Pike County Conservation District completed monitoring of 20 local groundwater well sites in October 2018. Data sheets were provided to the US Geological Survey for continued entry into the USGS’s Pike County Well Network.

Pennsylvania Active Ground Water Level Network – Pike County, Pennsylvania
The Pike County groundwater level network was established in 2007 by the US Geological Survey in cooperation with the Pike County Conservation District. The well network consists of 24 wells located throughout Pike County with at least one well in most major Pike County watersheds.

Baseline assessment of groundwater quality in Pike County, Pennsylvania, 2015
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A reconnaissance spatial and temporal assessment of methane and inorganic constituents in groundwater in bedrock aquifers, Pike County, Pennsylvania, 2012-13
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Groundwater-Quality Assessment, Pike County, Pennsylvania, 2007
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Groundwater Resources of Pike County, Pennsylvania:  Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th Series, Water Resource Report 65
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