The District is now accepting nominations for 3 PCCD Conservation Achievement Awards:


  • Conservation Achievement Award- for any individual, group, or organization
  • Educator Conservation Achievement Award- for a teacher or educator in Pike County
  • Youth Conservation Achievement Award- for a student in grades K-12 in Pike County


Nominations will be accepted until June 1, 2024.

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A pond with vegetation near the shore

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April 26, 2024
students listening to a game commission officer outside around a table with wildlife skulls

What is Envirothon?

March 25, 2024

For a Limited Time Only!

Do you have a mystery shrub growing along your driveway? What about an abundance of unusual caterpillars in your garden?

If want to find out what species they are, use the link below to send us a few photos and a little information that we can us to try to identify them for you.

Send us your photos here

A spicebush swallowtail caterpillar on a leaf

Watersheds are natural systems linking land, people and water.


Don’t pour household hazardous wastes (paint, moth balls, drain cleaners, etc.) down the drain or on the ground. Choose natural less toxic options.