Partners in Conservation

Much of the work of the Conservation District, whether educational, technical or administrative, is accomplished through collaborative efforts with state and federal agencies as well as local partners. The District is fortunate to have such a broad base of technical expertise and funding sources from which to draw for conservation programs that benefit Pike County. Below is a listing of just some of the many partnering organizations with which the District collaborates.

Nominating Organizations

Nominating organizations provide a vital link between various community groups and the Conservation District. They have the opportunity to nominate individuals for the Board of Directors of the Pike County Conservation District. Directors shape critical decisions about how Pike County manages our community’s natural assets – soils, forests and woodlands, lakes and wetlands, rivers and streams, and drinking water supplies.


Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Gifford Pinchot Audubon Society

Hemlock Farms Conservancy

Milford Garden Club

Northeast PA Audubon Society

Pike County Agricultural Fair Association, Inc.

Pike County Extension

Pike County Federation of Sportsmen’s Club

Pike County Planning Commission

Pike/Wayne Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Wayne/Pike Builders Association

Wayne/Pike Farm Bureau



The Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership is an alliance of over twenty government, non-government, non-profit and grass roots organizations that work toward common goals for natural resource conservation, sustainable communities and citizen involvement in community planning in Pike and Wayne Counties. Find out more at the Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership.
partners in conservation