The Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership

The Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership is an alliance of over twenty government, non-government, non-profit and grass roots organizations that work toward common goals for natural resource conservation, sustainable communities and citizen involvement in community planning in Pike and Wayne Counties.

The Partnership has been meeting since 2004 to coordinate workshops, stretch funding dollarsn and collaborate on projects that are of similar concern within the region.

The Pike/Wayne Conservation Partnership meets on a regular basis to share information and provide updates on current activities. Each organization has thus developed a better understanding of one another’s role in protecting and preserving the natural resources. This understanding has opened lines of communication as well as provided important contacts that help the Partners achieve both individual and group goals.

This collaboration has helped reduce duplication of services to residents of the region. Information is communicated in a complementary manner, making it easier for the public to understand. Goals are interrelated, so the message to the public builds with each member’s subsequent efforts and ideas build on one another. The result is more powerful communication of the main messages across the region.

A group listening to a poster presentation at the Partnership Breakfast

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