spring wetlands with lots of grasses


Conservation education and outreach efforts are a major emphasis of the District. Programs reach audiences of all ages focusing on a wide variety of conservation topics.

Water conservation, water quality and quantity, watersheds, wetland identification, land use management, soil erosion pollution prevention, and how all of these relate to the unique qualities of Pike County are program topics.

A painted rain barrel with a butterfly and hummingbird

The District provides outreach through:

  • Classroom and community education programs
  • Municipal workshops and outreach
  • Environmental Education Project grants
  • Pike/Wayne Envirothon
  • Workshops, technical assistance, and outreach to residents and businesses on environmental permitting
  • Regular communication with local, state, and federal legislators regarding conservation issues.

A clean and adequate supply of water is essential to maintaining good health.


Water conservation…Every Drop Counts! Install low flow plumbing fixtures and repair leaks. Take short showers instead of baths. Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth.