Waterways and Wetlands Management Permit

The Chapter 105 program regulates work in and around streams, wetlands and other water bodies with a focus on avoiding or minimizing impacts on water quality, flooding frequency and riparian habitats. Under a Delegation Agreement, the District administers DEP General Permits for various types of work in waterways, including wetlands and stream crossings, streambank stabilization, boat ramp and dock installation, intake and outfall structures and utility line crossings. District staff inspect permitted sites, investigate complaints and provide regulatory and permitting assistance.

e-Permitting Now Available

The Department of Environmental Protection has launched e-permitting for Chapter 105 Wetland and Waterway Obstruction and Encroachment General Permits to make application submission and review more efficient and to enable faster responses to applicants.

DEP has recorded an Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) and Applicant Training webinar that includes a presentation on the new e-permitting system. The recorded session is a available online as a PDF or MP4.

For Chapter 105 General Permit Registrations, please submit the following:

To pay electronically, click here.

To pay electronically, click here.

Resources for Stream Classification Verification

Chapter 93

Existing Use Classifications

Pennsylvania’s Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

PA Trout Water Classification – Exceptional Value Wetland Determination
Utilize: Approved Trout Waters, Class A Wild Trout Streams, Stream Sections that Support Natural Reproduction of Trout, Wilderness Trout Streams

More Information

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