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Opportunities for Public Input

To view the currently proposed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits in Pike County, PA:

  1. Click the icon to the left of the map title.
  2. Click on the arrow under the Proposed Permits check box.
  3. Double click on the permit name

Or, to open the full map in a new browser window, click on the View Larger Map icon at the far right within the map title area.

Please note:

There may be additional permitting required from the municipality in which the project is located, or through the state, i.e sewage, drinking water, air, or waste.

For more information visit the PA Department of Environmental Protection's eMapPA website or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Tools.

All permit boundaries are approximate, and do not reflect the earth disturbance boundary.

Opportunities for Public Input on the NPDES Permit Process

A brochure on the opportunities the public has for making public comments in regard to Individual NPDES permits for Earth disturbance activities.

Public Participation Guide


Right to Know Policy and Procedure Public Access to Information

Adopted by the Pike County Conservation District Board of Directors on April, 16, 2018

PCCD Right to Know Policy

Request Form and Fees


Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife, filter water, and can act like a sponge to limit flooding.


Protect wetlands by not damaging the flow of water. This can mean not placing soil or fill in wetlands and not digging in them to redirect water.