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Private Well Owners

Private Well Owners

Millions of rural residents throughout Pennsylvania use a private water well, spring, or cistern for their drinking water.

There are no statewide regulations on these household water supplies, so their management is the voluntary responsibility of the homeowner. Management of these water supplies, including proper design, location, construction, testing, and treatment, can be challenging.

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Septic System Maintenance

The best-designed and properly installed on—lot sewage disposal system will still malfunction if the homeowner does not properly operate and maintain the system.

In addition to requiring costly repairs, malfunctioning systems can contaminate surface and groundwaters, cause various health problems, and spread disease as well as create unsightly messes and foul odors when raw sewage surfaces or backs up into the home.

It is recommended that the average septic be pumped every 3-5 years with regular inspections in between.

Two people pumping out a septic tank

Just three trees, properly placed around a house, can save up to 30% of energy use.


Plant and maintain existing trees on your property whenever possible. Trees protect your home from wind, reduce heating and cooling costs and enhance your property’s value.