Meet Summer Intern Anton Adams

Anton Adams joined the Conservation District team in May as a summer intern through the Pike County Workforce Development office State Local Internship Program (SLIP) administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Anton’s Environmental Studies experience includes both volunteer work and community service. He is a soon-to-be graduate of East Stroudsburg University (ESU) with a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies, a minor in Geography, and a certification in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

While at ESU, Anton was a part of the Environment Club. During his time with the club he participated in community service projects and volunteer work.

He has partaken in the removal of invasive species at Stony Acres wildlife sanctuary, in Marshalls Creek. Also, he did some dam removal at the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) campus. Furthermore, he worked with the PA Fish and Boat Commission to do shad sampling on multiple occasions. He also did some stream water monitoring field work at one of the local creeks in Monroe County in association with the Stroud Water Research Center.

One of Anton’s goals is to help preserve the earth’s soil and water resources. He believes that soil and water are the two essential sources to sustaining life.

“As a kid growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia, you would never think about the preservation of the environment being one of your top priorities. However, since I was younger, I always enjoyed being outside and strolling through the woods,” says Anton. “In the third grade, my mom put me into an environmentally focused charter school called Wissahickon Charter School. While there, we used to do park clean-ups at the park across the street, go on backpacking trips, flower gardens, etc. Going to this school was the spark that ignited my passion for the improvement and protection of the environment.”

He adds, “I believe that this internship is perfect for what I want to do in my career. It is important that we promote awareness about issues pertaining to the environment, as well as to help preserve it. I feel like I could not have been giving a better opportunity than being an intern for the Pike County Conservation District. I hope to one day start a conservation district in my hometown of Philadelphia, the lone county in the state without one.”