Working with Our Municipalities

Communications Coordinator points across water at two seals in the distance

Co-written by Emily Mansfield, PCCD Communications Coordinator

Ellen Enslin, CPESC, Program Manager headshot

Co-written by Ellen Enslin, CPESC, Program Manager

The Pike County Conservation District (District) works to conserve our county’s natural resources through education and technical assistance, but we can’t do this alone. Luckily, we have many partner organizations in the community that support and expand our efforts. We partner with both public and private entities to develop and implement public education programs, provide support to landowners undertaking earth disturbance projects, and track the community’s water quality through surface and groundwater monitoring.

Some of the District’s strongest partners are representatives from the 13 municipalities within Pike County. Our municipal leaders and the District work in tandem to assist homeowners and project managers who are completing construction projects or any type of earth disturbance activity. The District reviews permits associated with earth disturbance activities and impacts within waterways and wetlands and provides community members with technical assistance to ensure projects sustainably manage stormwater and accelerated erosion and sedimentation. Municipalities help their residents obtain building permits, review stormwater management plans, and abide by subdivision and land development ordinances.  The District relies on our municipalities to spread important information to our community by distributing our brochures at their offices and connecting callers with the organizations equipped to answer their environmental questions. Together, the District and municipalities strive to help landowners and project managers protect the quality of our ecosystems and natural resources throughout the development process.

In addition, the leaders and dedicated staff of Pike’s municipalities are integral to the success of our Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Roads (DGLVR) program. Thanks to generous funding distributed through the State Conservation Commission (SCC), the District and our municipal partners cooperate to revitalize dirt and gravel roads owned by those municipalities, minimizing erosion and sedimentation on our roads. The reduced erosion on these DGLVR project sites reduces the sediment load that enters nearby waterways through stormwater runoff and provides safer and more comfortable driving conditions.

Thank you to all the Pike County municipal offices for your continued partnership! We also thank our state, federal, and non-governmental partners as well as all the individuals in our community who are dedicated to natural resource conservation!


Pike County municipalities: Blooming Grove Township; Delaware Township; Dingman Township; Greene Township; Lackawaxen Township; Lehman Township; Matamoras Borough; Milford Borough; Milford Township; Palmyra Township; Porter Township; Shohola Township; Westfall Township.