Join the Local Farms and Food Map Directory

The Agriculture Task Force of Wayne Tomorrow and Pike County Planning Office’s Agricultural Land Preservation Program are partnering to create an aggregated website to bridge the gap between consumers and producers. This long-range project will include a user-friendly map directory, businesses that support local farm production, agri-tourism programs and events, as well as educational opportunities for producers.

There are many benefits to supporting a local food system. Here are a few:

  • Produce can be picked and delivered at peak of ripeness, so it’s more nutrient-dense.
  • Local farms preserve green space and the beauty of our region.
  • We develop a deeper sense of community, and value of food.
  • You support the local economy.

You can use the following map to find the closest producers to you!


If you are interested in being listed on the map:

There are absolutely no upfront fees to be listed on this map directory, and you will be kept informed of our developments before you will need to decide on any long-range commitments. We do, however, request that you complete an entry form and provide us consent to share your business’ information.

Here is the entry form and additional information:

You will be entered on the map and that entry will appear on any page the map is embedded.