Spongy Moths (formerly Gypsy Moth)

Updated as of February 23, 2022

The statewide spongy moth program that had been in place for years with the state of Pennsylvania has not been funded since 2017. Since that time, the recommendation from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Division of Forest Pest Management is to contact aerial sprayers directly to coordinate identification and the potential need for a spray program on private property. In the last year, there have limited reports for sightings and complaints in Pike County which also indicates that numbers of egg masses and/or caterpillars have been reduced in the last few years. The Pike County Conservation District (District) provides information on the District website on how to identify, manage them on your property, a listing of aerial sprayers as well as additional resources for landowners. The District and DCNR recommend that you coordinate with your neighbors or community association in identifying an aerial sprayer and working with them to determine if an application of spray is needed for the spring of 2022. By working with a large group of landowners the cost of a spray program could be significantly lower.

Contact CA representative for concerns about them in your area.

Contact a sprayer/forester for assessment as early as possible.