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Pike County Conservation District Hits $1 Million Dollar Mark in Funding for Municipal Dirt Roads

The Pike County Conservation District reached the $1 million dollar mark in 2015 providing grant assistance to Pike County municipalities’ for environmentally sensitive road maintenance projects on dirt and gravel roads. The District’s Dirt and Gravel Road program, started in Pike County in 1997, provides funding to municipal governments for improving drainage and implementing road maintenance practices which help alleviate adverse impacts to streams and waterways.

In the past eighteen (18) years, forty-four (44) projects in eight Pike County municipalities have been funded. With three projects funded for construction in summer and fall 2015 in Greene, Shohola and Westfall Townships, Pike County Conservation District has reached a grand total of just over $1million dollars ($1,114,815.) spent in the County on these projects to date.  Also in 2015, a newly funded program for Low Volume paved roads was added for the first time. The 2015 Westfall Township project was the first funded under this Low Volume Paved Road program.

Funding for Pike County’s Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road (DGLVR) Program is provided through a cooperative agreement between the Pike County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission. Money is allocated by the PA General Assembly under Section 9106 of the Vehicle Code to the PA State Conservation Commission. The Pike County Conservation District professional staff administer the program working with municipal officials to identify potential projects. Additional technical assistance is provided by Pennsylvania’s Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads.

The Pike County Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road (DGLVR) Program provides funding, technical assistance, and training to municipalities and officials every year. To date, eight of Pike County’s thirteen Townships have participated in this environmentally sensitive dirt, gravel and low volume road program:  (note: Municipalities are listed in the order of highest to lowest funding awarded to date through the program) Greene, Shohola, Palmyra, Delaware, Westfall, Milford, Porter and Lackawaxen Townships.